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Davide Marigo

Influencer and fashion blogger

Why did I choose the fashion industry? I have always had a strong passion for fashion and design related to style communication. This is my passion, my job and the world!

I dedicate myself to communication through my blog, observing and commenting on all the styles created by the most famous fashion houses, both for the look and for the technical details in relation to the various combinations proposed by the most famous designers; I try in all my comments, to make it clear to all those who follow me that “fashion” is not just “a way of dressing” or matching a garment with a signed accessory, but through it we can express feelings and lifestyle … that will be immediately accepted by those who observe us. It is not always immediate and simple to comment on a product or a signed garment, but to appreciate the value and style of this object, we must understand the research and development work that led to the creation of that head or that product. Through my communications, I try to make everyone understand what fashion is and how we can interpret it and integrate it into our daily life. This means being an “influencer”!

The fashion in my life has always played a fundamental role, when I look at what the designers have created … or I admire a shop window … I do not stop to admire only the clothes, I see works of art, created specifically for make us unique.

… this is what I love doing in my life … for me … and for my followers.

Davide Marigo

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